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Traffic safety – Keeping up with the digital era

We all know the issue. Some of us go about our daily lives without really thinking about it, and others are here to remind us to fight for a better community and a brighter future. The many people and businesses that are part of ACTS Oregon do just that. Offering technical training, education, and resources, they aim to reduce the risks inherent to vehicle crashes in Oregon.

Car crashes are responsible for countless deaths, billions in losses, disabilities and grieving families. Traffic safety affects teenagers and children as much as it affects adults, and that is why taking action is so important.

The importance of this type of initiatives

Traffic security is a very serious issue, where families and lives are involved. Educating and training people to change their behavior for the better can prevent numerous tragic stories. Driving and walking are things we do every day. It is such an ordinary part of our lives that we sometimes forget that we can endanger ourselves, or others. Initiatives that remind everyone that being responsible is a necessity are extremely important.

Initiatives like this are happening all around the world. People are realizing that collisions and traffic related accidents can be decreased through education and increased awareness. One of such examples is the city of Calgary, Canada, that created a 5-year plan, the “Calgary safer mobility plan” (ongoing - until 2017). The aim of this plan is to identify transportation safety issues and investigate ways to increase the safety of their transportation network. They expect to achieve a 12 % reduction in the rate of pedestrian and bicycle casualty collisions per 100,000 inhabitants.

Using digital media marketing for greater causes

Our time is a digital time. For the past years, we witnessed the rise of digital media marketing and the appearance of terms like SEO. Businesses use these techniques to target specific audiences, develop communication strategies and to raise sales. So my question is, why don’t we apply this knowledge and practices to nobler causes such as traffic safety?

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, in plain terms, is taking steps to improve search engine rankings. Search engines rank web pages according to different parameters and the idea is to fulfill those parameters and provide quality to the user. Better rankings result in more exposure, more links to the page and consequently, more sales. Some consider it the best practice to attract new customers nowadays.

Keeping up with the tide

If you haven’t heard about any of these terms or have no idea how to put such things into practice, there are people who can. Let me give you an example of what can be done for you. MRC SEO Consulting is a company that specializes in digital media marketing that can optimize your online presence. The company provides know-how, access to your campaigns and monthly reports to ensure transparency, and even a personal cell phone number and email to answer all your questions and doubts. If you are interested in knowing more about this company, take a look at Calgary SEO.



The importance of SEO and online presentation to raise awareness

We live in an era where people switch from one device to another, have thousands of options in online content, and where Wi-Fi is incredibly close to being considered a basic need. People decide whether to click or not in a matter of seconds and time has become a luxury. Having a pristine website presentation and investing in SEO can work miracles for raising awareness, widening your reach, and boosting communication.

How can we raise awareness for traffic safety through good web design and proper SEO?

Proper SEO can bring you website to the next level. It allows insight into your target audiences, giving you the ability to develop more informed decisions and strategies, both online and offline. It is also a major factor when it comes to credibility, even if it is unintentional, people tend to “trust” more in a page that has a good ranking in a search engine than in lower ranking pages. In addition, it brings traffic to your page. Traffic may not be the main goal but it substantially increases the chances of inducing interest and spreading your message, making it a very valuable parameter in branding. Most importantly, at a social level, SEO rewards your website for your efforts much better than any other form of offline marketing. It allows you to make your online presence visible when people are looking for the services you provide. There is no need to take up space in their magazines or to interrupt their TV shows, your website just shows up for the people who are already interested, the next step is to convince them of your quality and to return.

Quality web design can be the difference between a website to which people are willing to return to, or add to their favourites, and something they don’t ever want to look at again. A website from a hotel is very different from a banking website. The first wants you to have the easiest and the smoothest path to booking a room, usually requiring simple, straight-to-the-point interactions and an excellent visual presentation. The latter requires you to go through a series of operations to accomplish what you need, with lots of text and a heavy outlook. All of this has an impact on your willingness to stay on the website or leave. Believe it or not, people judge this in a matter of seconds.

Combining efforts to create something people can trust and enjoy will go a long way. Raising awareness is a matter of spreading the message to as many people as you can. With an interactive, easy-to-use, attractive website and a good ranking among search engines, it is possible to substantially increase the number of people that listen to your message, intensifying your contribution to the community. And that is the purpose of raising awareness for traffic safety, isn’t it?